Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First day of School!

School starts early here in Westerville, Ohio.
Kalie started 4th grade with Mrs. Huston.
She had a wonderful day and made lots of fantastic friends.
On the way home she talked all about her new BFF's.

Ethan started First grade with Ms. Considine.
He was excited to get started learning on the first day and was a little bummed when
they didn't do any math or reading.
His teacher is also super...and we became fast friends.

Adison doesn't really start school till next week...but she just went with the flow.
She made a few friends today...and one even lives right up the street.
The rest of the day we worked in the copy room, Kindergarten room, and bound LOTS of books.

I am so proud of my little to school.
Wanted to let you know the website that I found the cute grade level signs...
just in case anyone else wanted to use them for their first day pictures.

I love how they truly care about each other.

We decided to take some fun pictures to celebrate our first day.

Happy CONFETTI! cute.

I wish they were really sleeping.

They just kept complaing the sun was too bright...
so I told them to shut their eyes and pretend they were sleeping. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So many new things

There are so many things to tell you, but finding the words to tell it all could take weeks.
Probably because it has been weeks...months...since I have written anything on this here blog.
so...where do you begin?
Let's start with the good news!  WE SOLD OUR HOUSE!
well...i don't want to jinx I should say...WE FOUND A BUYER FOR OUR HOUSE!
Second, we found a great new home in Westerville, Ohio.
It is super close to Columbus...we will be living on the north east side of the city.
Third, because we can't move in yet, (Sept. 4) we are living in temporary housing.
It has been perfect for what we need:
2 beds, kitchen, laundry, Internet, and a kiddo gets to sleep on the floor each's all ok.
We just feel blessed to be together and able to start living in Columbus.