Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Laundry Room Before and After favorite room in the house.
This is the room I find true delight...the Laundry Room.
Okay, so I am trying to be optimistic.
I HATE doing the in order to make it more fun,
I decided to make my laundry room more desirable.
Here is the before picture:
Doesn't that room just scream...SPEND TIME IN ME?
No.  Simply.  No.

Here is the AFTER photo...
When we moved we needed a new drier...ours was gas and this was electrical hook up.
So...YIPPEE I got my matching drier to my front loading washer.
Now they are so happy together. 
I wanted some more light in the laundry room so I decided to hang my window mirror.
Years ago I made this beauty by just going to my local glass dealer
 and they cut me a mirror to go inside an old window.
This week I made a few pendant  burlap for my mantel and one for my laundry.
Adison painted my little sewing thread holders turquoise to go with the color accents.

Ahh...Mrs. Meyers.
Love the smell...and the color was perfect too!
Plus a little bucket for those buttons, toys and lost socks that show up in the laundry.

The room is quite small...but it washes and dries the clothes...
if only it could fold and put the laundry away for me.
I needed shelving for my other detergents. 
So, I grabbed my old wood crates...
asked my fantastic hubby to put them into some studs...and wallah! 
SHELVES!  Plus...they are kind of vintage and fun.

Now...I want to put a cute little chandelier up...and maybe some more turquoise?
Maybe paint a pattern on the wall?
We'll see.
Guess I should go fold that laundry that was hiding in the drier.
Anyone want to come and put it away for me?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Mantel and our Famiy Room

The cool weather blew in this weekend in Westerville...
and so I decided it was time to decorate with my fall items.
Out came the pumpkins and fall garland and I decided to get the sewing machine
 out and create a burlap banner to hang on the mantel.
Matt was excited to get a fire he ran to Home Depot and bought a chimney sweep log to make sure that we wouldn't burn the house down on with our first real fire.

We hung a few more things on the walls this weekend, which always makes the house feel more like home.
We hung the shelves on the walls to the right...
and sometime this week I will show you the wall going up the stairs to the bedrooms.

I was excited to put up my old cameras again.

Our goal for this family room is to have meaningful talks, read lots of books and play a ton of games.
So, we put a few vintage games on the remind us to play.