Monday, November 12, 2012

Vintage By Amy

My it has been a long time since I have posted anything on my blog.
A long time.
My weeks and days have been filled with crafting, sanding, painting, staining, sewing, and restoring.
It has been busy...but so much fun!

The last few Saturdays I have been busy with bazaars!
My booth name: Vintage by Amy.
I created a few business cards and added my blog I decided I need to start putting entries back into this blog.

The majority of my booth is refinished are two of the pieces before I started restoring them.  The chair and desk were both in need of a HUGE restoration.
I sanded, painted, recovered she is BEFORE...

The burlap chairs in this next picture turned out AMAZING. 
I loved them....and was not sad to see if they didn't sell.
But, a sweet, newly married couple bought them to go around their farmhouse table.
The booth is full of wreaths, Christmas decorations, homemade cards, banners, and so much more.

There are so many fun pieces I have restored...table and chairs, dressers, desks, and chairs...
but one of my favorite pieces was this buffet.
Scott, my furniture guy, from uptown Westerville gave me this little beauty.
She was missing hardware, missing hinges and looked like she had been neglected for years. 

This is her finished.
She sold to a sweet young family who was super excited to take her home.
I kind of miss her.
She was in our garage for a few months because we couldn't find the right outward hinges.
They had to be special ordered...we found that out after visiting every hardware and home improvement store in Columbus.
I love the turquoise color.

One of the best parts of the booth is hanging out with my oldest daughter.
She is so helpful and LOVES our special days together.
She really likes it when her nest necklaces sell...she earns all the money from those!
She does an amazing job setting up the booth, talking with the customers, and taking money.
It's so nice to have an extra hand around.

If you are interested in purchasing anything from the "store" please let me know!
I would love to sell any of the items I have available.
If I do get enough requests for online sales I will consider opening up an online store.
So, if you like it...write me a comment!