Thursday, April 28, 2011

Subway Art for the Classroom

There is something exciting about being a teacher.
Maybe it's the smiles and hugs from each child ...
Maybe it's the pencil sharpener sounds in the morning...
Maybe it's the thrill of witnessing your students finally getting a concept.

If you aren't a teacher...that's okay.
BUT, you NEED to thank them for the time and love they give your children.

Teacher Appreciation Day
 is right around the corner...and I stumbled upon this fun idea here:

On the link it says that it will print as a 16x20...
but when I sent it to the printer it came exactly how I wanted it...8.5x11.

I spray painted a frame the same color as my fun green.

Trimmed the paper to fit.

Other ideas for this subway art: 
Modge Podge it to a clipboard!
Use it as wrapping paper.
Glue it onto a Journal Front.

And there she sits...
reminding me that a homeschool Mom deserves to give herself a teacher appreciation gift.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Favorite Disney Photos

Our 10 days in Florida was fantastic.  I miss the sunshine, the warmth, the time with my Hubby, the pool...
my tan.  Well, I never really tan...but I miss it.
This is the best water shot, isn't it?
This was the view of our pool. 
Complete with water slide, four hot tubs, playground, and even an adult pool. 
The resort had fun things to keep the kiddos occupied so I could read and not worry too much about any of my biggest fears.
Our first day at the parks...we went to Magic Kingdom.
It was pretty sunny...poor Adi couldn't handle the sun in her eyes. 
A little time with Mickey. 
The next day we had thunderstorms, tornado watches and wind.
We decided to buy Tangled and enjoyed our beautiful room.
Our next big day was to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.
Our longest wait was for Toy Story...we waited 90 minutes.
But, the line was lots of fun.
After another relaxing day at the pool we headed to Epcot.
There's just something amazing about Epcot to me.
I LOVE it.
Maybe it is the dreaminess of going to all of the countries?
I don't know.  I just like it a lot. 
Adison was able to meet her favorite princess...Sleeping Beauty. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Break Sunrise at the Ocean

We had an incredible Spring Break.
We drove down and made great time...such good time that we knew we wouldn't be able to get
into our suite at 8:00 in the morning.  So, we stopped at the beach for a beautiful sunrise.
The kids took their socks and shoes off and raced off to pick up the morning sea shells.

I love this last picture.

As we were ready to leave I said to myself, "Wouldn't it be cool if we could see a dolphin?"
As I looked out into the water a dolphin jumped out of the water!  
I screamed with what if the entire condo behind us to wake up?
My family was able to watch that dolphin
swim down the coastline.  Ah...God is good!
We didn't want to leave it was so nice.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Room is now Defined

Since the day we moved in the formal dining room has never been defined.
It had crazy blinds, a beautiful piano...
it had horrible track lighting that we took from the kitchen area and put in here,
      and it had a ginormous hutch...which I liked how it stored my dishes...
but it took up a huge part of the room.
So...I decided this room needed to have a little bit less craziness going on...
and maybe we could pretend to need a formal dining room.  I am not really all that formal.
And as you can see from the next picture the new table and chairs are not formal either.
But, for now it is better.

New drapes, new light fixture, new table...
the dining room is now DEFINED.

My dream is to paint the table a different color.  Maybe a nice creamy white?
What do you think of the new room?