Thursday, April 28, 2011

Subway Art for the Classroom

There is something exciting about being a teacher.
Maybe it's the smiles and hugs from each child ...
Maybe it's the pencil sharpener sounds in the morning...
Maybe it's the thrill of witnessing your students finally getting a concept.

If you aren't a teacher...that's okay.
BUT, you NEED to thank them for the time and love they give your children.

Teacher Appreciation Day
 is right around the corner...and I stumbled upon this fun idea here:

On the link it says that it will print as a 16x20...
but when I sent it to the printer it came exactly how I wanted it...8.5x11.

I spray painted a frame the same color as my fun green.

Trimmed the paper to fit.

Other ideas for this subway art: 
Modge Podge it to a clipboard!
Use it as wrapping paper.
Glue it onto a Journal Front.

And there she sits...
reminding me that a homeschool Mom deserves to give herself a teacher appreciation gift.

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