Wednesday, May 25, 2011

House For Sale and a little Prayer

"Why aren't you blogging as much?" some of you have asked. husband found a new job and we are moving to Columbus, Ohio.
It's a lot of work getting ready and selling a house.
The day our "For Sale" sign went into the yard was difficult.
To be honest, there are a lot of days that have been a struggle.
But, in all honesty, I know that God has big plans for us in Ohio.
Maybe He has plans for a house for me to redo and make my own?
Maybe my children will challenged to make new friends...and learn how to keep the old ones.
Maybe our family will grow closer to each other because we have to be intentional.

Maybe our life will become more simple

Whatever God has in store for us...I know I need to be content
As for now...we are learning how to be patient and trust
We're praying for a new family to love our home as much as we have. 
We're praying that God will send them soon so that we don't have to live in two different cities.
We're praying for laughter and joy...
 strength and courage...
and a little creativity
If you know of anyone who is looking for a new house in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
We would truly appreciate you sending them our way.
You could be the answer to our prayer.
Check out our house listing at Jaqua.


Lauren Eisnor said...

hey Amy, I will be praying for you guys! moving is a very overwhelming adventure....and i remember well the grieving that takes place when you leave friends and family. I will be praying that God will prepare a place for you and a sense of His peace! one of the biggest blessings we have discovered is that moving to a new place brings you closer together as a family :) and it provides many new opportunities to further God's kingdom!

Lindsey Scheffers said...

As always, a prayer has been sent your way. What a touching blog post. I pray that you feel God's peace as each new day unravels your new walk as a family. Love you lots. Thank you for blessing us with a BIG heart and a LOVING spirit even through the struggles.

Lisa said...

Amy, I didn't know you were moving. Even though I don't see you much, I'll miss you! I wish I knew someone who was house shopping... but I'll be praying for your family! Good Luck! Thank goodness for Facebook where we can keep in touch!

JMB said...

Praying that God brings the right buyer your way so that your new journey in life in Ohio will go as smoothly as possible :) Sending lots of love.

Lakesha Session said...

Is this the house? It's beautiful! I'm sure there is someone out there who needs a house as big as yours. That's enough for you to not feel scared. But if you really find selling a house a bit challenging, there are people who could help with it. It's been more than two years now though, so I'm sure that your house already belongs to new owners. Hope they're taking good care of it and that you're enjoying your new home as well.

Lakesha Session @Rose Property Management