Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bathroom Makeovers

My bathrooms needed a quick and inexpensive makeover...and so out came the black paint!
I figured if I was going to do one bathroom...I might as well do them all.
We would love to replace all of the vinyl in the bathrooms with tile...but that will come later...hopefully.

Here is the after photo of the upstairs "master bathroom."

I am a little ashamed of the before pictures because they are so gross. 
When we were doing our final walk through inspection I took these pictures...and lets just say that the guys living here could care less about having the house clean.

Here is the BEFORE:

and another shot of of the AFTER:

Here is the BEFORE shot of the kiddos bathroom:

and the AFTER:
and another view:

This next shot is the first floor bathroom.
I realized after I took the doors that I didn't have a before shot of the cabinets...
So excuse the leaning doors.

And the AFTER: 
I distressed these a little just to give it a rustic feel.
New bathroom cabinets make me happy.
All with just a gallon of black paint.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Staircase...before and after

When we moved into the house there were quite a few items on the must do list
to make the house our style:
new carpet
new wood floors
new granite countertops
new lights
But...since we had to be practical with our budget...the first thing I decided to tackle was our
Here she is before paint:
I sanded her down...getting all of the chipped varnish off...
She also had a lot of scrapes from some pet that had lived here.
Then I primed her with a layer of KILZ 2.
Covers over the stains...

There I hubby wanted to take this picture to show you all that I really did it.
Each and every spindle.
Argh...I hate spindles right now.
I think each one took about 15 minutes...I was so worried about drips. 
After priming...painting...and painting again...
I sanded it down to make it smooth... 
Then one last ROLLED coat...and another sand with 200 grit sandpaper and here she is... 
Here is our banister from the top of the stairs.
Matt hung the pictures for me...I LOVE IT! 
It reminds me of all of the amazing people in my life!

What do you think of the white banister?