Monday, April 11, 2011

The Room is now Defined

Since the day we moved in the formal dining room has never been defined.
It had crazy blinds, a beautiful piano...
it had horrible track lighting that we took from the kitchen area and put in here,
      and it had a ginormous hutch...which I liked how it stored my dishes...
but it took up a huge part of the room.
So...I decided this room needed to have a little bit less craziness going on...
and maybe we could pretend to need a formal dining room.  I am not really all that formal.
And as you can see from the next picture the new table and chairs are not formal either.
But, for now it is better.

New drapes, new light fixture, new table...
the dining room is now DEFINED.

My dream is to paint the table a different color.  Maybe a nice creamy white?
What do you think of the new room?

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