Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's so cleansing to be CLEAN...

I am so sorry that this blog has not been updated in weeks.
The time that I usually spend by the computer is now being spent CLEANING!
It feels so good to clean out so many closets, drawers, and rooms.
My trash can has been overflowing for three weeks in a row...
do you leave a tip for the trash man when it is like that???
I mean, we have bags of trash outside of the trash bin!!
Here the kids are cleaning out their green boxes. 
These are the boxes that when I find their toys around the house I just put it in their box and then they put them all's been a few months since they put them away!
Look at how full they are!
Kalie, she's so dramatic. there is actually room in these boxes. 

Now onto my bathroom closet...
there was medicine from 2008 in there...
and empty cans of hairspray...
and 12 bottles of lotion.
I don't even use lotion.
Well, not that often.

Check out the bags of trash! 
And here is the AFTER  reveal...

I have so many fun things that I am looking forward to posting...but you will have to be patient with me.
We leave for a two week vacation on Monday.
We are going to FLORIDA!!
Can not wait to enjoy some time by the pool.

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