Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fruits of the Spirit

This favorite thing comes from my children.
At dinner our kiddos pass out these tags to place on their sister/brother's plates before we serve our food.
You see...they give a tag based on how someone has shown one of the fruits of the spirit that day.
So, here's an example...K-K may give E-man the tag of kindness because he played Clue with her when he really wanted to play Battleship...for that K-K thought he was kind.
 The kids LOVE getting recognized for their good deeds and it is also a great way to remind them to think about others...rather than themselves.  I used to give the tags out...but it is more fun listening to them come up with reasons of why they chose the tag. hear some fun reasons!
One of my favorites: Adi loves to give E-man gentleness because he didn't wrestle her to the ground that day.

This is one of the walls in our kitchen.
How do you teach your children important character traits?


Molly said...

Hey, I commented the other day and it's not here! I said, "LOVE this idea. I'm stealing it!". And it's true. I love it.

Then today I was lamenting the fact that I'm over budget (no one ever told me what the budget was, just a ballpark....) for MOPS crafts and need to only use the stuff we already have for awhile. Well, we have lots of scrapbooking stuff and some tags, so here we go!

Thanks, Amy! All 80 women that I'm going to push this craft on will thank you too. :)

Molly said...

Um, can I ask how you did the antique-looking edges? Is it just chalk?

Amy said...

Don't know if you got my email before...
but I wanted to let you know how I created the edge distressing. All I do is swipe the edges with ink pads. Super easy and fun look.
Thanks so much for your comments.
I think it is great you are doing this with your MOPS group. We did it a few years ago for my MOPS group!!! Fast and easy and great for MOMS!!
I hope they love it.