Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Wonderland

The bitter cold temps have us all bundled up in the house these days...the kids don't even want to go sledding in the back yard.  It's just too cold.
Plus they are all sick.  We've got the fevers, coughs and achy bodies.
I was sick first...and passed it on to everyone else.
Sorry Guys.
While you are all in bed...I am going to go outside and get some pictures of the snow.

 Off to the side of our house I kind of "claimed" a little piece of land that I will call my little "heaven."  When the weather is nice and the kids are outside I grab my favorite magazine or book and sit out in my area.  The kids love to have tea parties, talk with me and enjoy a glass of lemonade. 
Oh...I miss the warm summer days!

 I even hung up an old chandelier...just to give in a little girly feel.

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