Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adison's 6th Birthday!

My "Baby" turned 6 on Wednesday.
What a joy she has been in our lives!
From her sweet smile, her little dimple, and all the way to her creative imagination...
She wanted a simple "Tea Party" for her birthday.
With a few of her closest friends.
Here is her good friend Gisele.
I love this picture.
*makes me smile.
It was so windy...and the balloons weren't cooperating for pictures...
but she decided to just have fun with it...I love that about Adi.
I had a great time decorating for her little tea party.
We had cupcakes, cookies, rice crispie treats, and a whole lot of candy to eat.
And a cup of tea...but most of glasses were still full when we cleaned up.
Here are her good friends:
Addie, Alexis, Gisele, Bella, Claire, Adison, and Taylor.
Who says you have to have a small candle for your birthday candle?
I couldn't remember where all of my candles we just found a big one.
Guess worked!
And it kind of made me smile.
Where did the box go of candles for parties? 

Present time!
She was so were the girls! 
We made bracelets. 
We made a little frame of a picture from the party.
Loida and Bella...
If you know my friend Loida...she LOVES getting her craft on! 
Here is Adison's frame and picture.
She has TALENT. 
Kalie and Ethan were bummed that we had the party while they were at school,
so we decided to have an after school party too.
We invited all of the neighbor kiddos to enjoy the

It was a fun filled day.
The best part was seeing my little girl so happy.
She brings so much joy into my life...
I was so glad that I could help her celebrate.
Adison, I hope this year is as sweet as you are.


Patti said...

I can't believe she's already 6! WOW - where has that time gone.
What a great mom you are - you throw a mean birthday party!

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