Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt(s)

Easter is a great time of year!
I can't explain the amazing gift of Christ's death on the cross with out being in awe.
Absolute awe...He loved me so much he died.  So that I could live for eternity with Him.
I am so glad we celebrate this day...and thankful we can celebrate His gift every day!
Our neighbors: Steve and Michelle and their daughter Samantha, invited us to the Genoa township
Easter Egg Hunt.
It was cold...
but the kids forgot the temperatures when they saw the 14,000 eggs waiting for them to gather.
14,000 eggs...
that's a whole lot of candy!

Ethan, Kalie, Adison and our neighbor Samantha.

Adison was GEEKED at all of her eggs...notice she decided she should use a t-shirt bag instead of her Easter basket...this bag held more eggs!

The kiddos "De-Plastic Egged" their candy and recycled their eggs for next year!
I love our community!

On Easter Sunday Morning we had our own little Easter egg hunt.
With no where near 14,000 eggs.
No way...I am Dutch!

Noah, Adison, Kalie, Anika, Brenna and Ethan all ready to gather!

My kids are into crazy there were a few of those in the eggs...
to lower the intake of sugar.
The girls were pretending to put on their lipstick and paint their nails.
These two cousins are best friends and I love that!

I pray that you all had a great Easter.
We enjoyed every minute of our day to celebrate Christ's Resurrection!

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