Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Entry Light

We moved into our house two years ago and one of my favorite parts of the house was the front entry.  It has an 18-20 foot ceiling and is just "grand."  However, we realized that with ceilings this would be hard to paint or change the 1980's light that hung so high.  Oh... the hideous chandelier that collected so many cob webs, dust and had 3 lights that were burnt are no longer! 

A friend of ours stopped by this week for a little meeting and while taking a tour of the house the light became the topic of conversation. I hated that light.  The funny part of the story is that we bought a new chandelier to replace it two years ago.  But, we didn't know how to change it out.  Well, this friend is also an electrician.  He jumped on the project and said,
"Let's change it out!  I'll bring my 16 foot ladder over on Saturday morning!" 
I was jumping with excitement!
The light was up in no time. 
Mark, our electrician, was awesome.  No fear of heights, so full of electrical excitement, and even had a great time with our kids.  They learned about light bulbs, did a science experiment with a broken bulb, and even helped by rubbing the bulbs on their noses.  (Did you know if you use a little nose grease before you put a bulb in it's socket that it will go in smoother and will be removed easier too?  Who knew?) 

A little nose grease.
Hubby even dusted the ceilings, washed the windows and cleaned the hard to reach places! 
I had to take a picture of that!
It looks great, doesn't it? 
It only took two years.
Today my favorite thing isn't a new light.
My favorite thing...friends who share their gifts with others.

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A Delightful Design said...

Hi! I found your blog from the 40 days 40 bags post--love how you witness to others. I really need to do a better job of using my blog in that way. YAY for others that share their gifts! abby