Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dyksterhouse and Slings Christmas!

Christmas to us is about
Christ's Birth
and Celebrating with
There must be something about recreating something that has always been good.
We start out early and head to visit with
Great Grandma.  She loves a little visit with her Great Grandkids.
The visit had enough energy and excitement to last her a year!
The kids each opened a present with was a great moment.
I truly admire this woman.

The next tradition is McDonalds.
This is tradition.
My hubby and his family have always done it...I don't really understand it, but I go with it...
and...the kids LOVE it.
**sorry no pictures of McDonalds...

Here are all of the Grandkids with Grandpa and Grandma...
I love Mark's look...Brody doesn't really like group photos.

We always head to Bronson Park in Kalamazoo for a little walk.
We go to kill a little time...and to freeze.
I was a little bummed that Santa wasn't there this year.
Sometimes he surprises us.

We check out the manger scene.

This poor little lamb...he wasn't expecting so much love!

Then we head to the other side of the park and check out the snowflake lights
and the candycanes.

Eleven years ago we were married and took pictures in front of these snowflakes.
So every year we take a LOVELY picture...
I am telling you...TRADITION.

Then we head back to open presents.

Isn't my neice Joy just adorable?  She is always so HAPPY.

Then we head to church at 11:00 for the Christmas Eve service.

Then the next day we celebrate with the Slings Family.
Here are a few of the my nieces and my sister, Lori.

For Christmas I made my mom and mother in law a Guess Who game with pictures of our family members.
I pinned it on Pinterest...check it out here.

Beautiful Hannah with her new PillowPet!

These two can't take a serious picture to save their lives. 
But they sure can have a lot of fun!


At the Slings family Christmas we have a great meal.
This year we had Sweet Meat...umm..yummy...
Pioneer would love this recipe.

Then we chill.  Play a little ping pong.
And eat some more.

We had a great Christmas.

Thanks Lord, for an amazing FAMILY and for the TRADITIONS we can
celebrate because of your BIRTH.

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