Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FLOORS...before and after

One of my favorite projects of 2011 were the FLOORS!
There was vinyl in the kitchen, laundry and bathroom...and it was beat up.
**It was white with teal small squares in between the fake white tile look...
the problem was the white was now more yellow.
There were holes...nicks and to be honest I hated it so much that I decided it wasn't even worth cleaning.
The front entry way was forest green tile. 
And the family room, study and dining room all had horrible cream carpet.

Here is the BEFORE of the family room.

And the AFTER:
**please excuse the Christmas photos...

Hubby and I decided he would do the messy work...taking out all of the old...and we hired in the flooring experts to lay it. 
Here My Hubby is actually smiling as he starts destruction...
but I will promise you he was not smiling by the end. 
We both had blisters and sore bodies from the tear out.

I just LOVE seeing the tile come up!
But...we had a MESS!
It was Tuesday and we had company coming on Friday afternoon!

We begged all kind of helpers to pitch in...
(Look how excited Adi is in the background.)

So to make a long story shorter...our floor layer told us he couldn't come until Friday...but we had company coming and we had to get the floor down!  Well...because he said he wasn't coming till Friday we took Thursday morning off from our tear out work.  We weren't quite done pulling out all of the vinyl in the laundry, kitchen and bathroom.  The vinyl wasn't the was the 10,000 nails in each of the floor boards that had to be pulled up or hammered in.  At 11:00 I chatted with the flooring guy again and he changed his mind and decided he could come and start laying our floor that afternoon.  WHAT? um...GREAT!  We jumped up, called over the neighbors and as we were tearing up the back part of the house they were laying the front part!  WOW! 
They were fast too.  I am so glad we decided to have them lay it.

This was our trash pile...umm...that was a lot of carpet, tile, sub floor!
The garbage man had to go and get another truck to help him...but they took it all!

Another AFTER shot more of the floor.
We went with a 5 inch width and a darker stain. 
I LOVE it.

Here is another BEFORE...these were the pictures I took during the inspection...before we moved in.
NOTICE the frames on the wall in the upper right corner... pictures...just the frames.

new paint on the BANISTER...

What do you think?
Sorry it took so long to post this Before and After...

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simply brookes: said...

love the floors, amy. well done. i know you are enjoying them immensely, as you should.