Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Sewing new FAVORITE thing

This blog started out a year ago... because I wanted to share my favorite things.
I have a new favorite thing...
My Grandmother's Sewing Machine.
I've always loved sewing...and have used a machine that I bought at a garage sale for $10.
It did the job, but took FOREVER to do what I wanted it to.
Strings would break every time you put it in reverse.
The tension was always wrong.
It only had a straight stitch...and that was even hard to get right.
But, I loved making things...and used it.

However, I am able to say good bye (with out any tears) to the old machine.
I am ready to bury it in the backyard, because now...I have something so beautiful and wonderful...
it almost makes me cry.
I would like to introduce you to: GENEVA!
She is lovely and genuine.
She is gentle and smooth.
She is relaxed and straight.
She is not afraid to take chances with new stitches.
She is amazing...just like my GRANDMA. the few weeks that I have had her I have spent hours making a few new things.
Here is my new ruffle skirt...made from t-shirts! 
It cost me NOTHING...except for HOURS of ruffles and sewing.
But, with Geneva...that was easy!

Then I made a few baby gifts.
A tie onesie...and a soft cuddly blanket to match.
Isn't it cute?
Seriously...that tie!
I would LOVE to make more of if you want me to make one for you...let me know.
I would make the blanket and onesie tie...for $35.
Here is a different print...

So after blankets and onesies with ties on them, I decided to try out a few other pinned items on Pinterest.
Are you on Pinterest? is a great place to find fun ideas...and to waste a lot of time.
I love it...well, not the wasting of time, but finding the ideas.
If you want directions to any of these ideas...go to my pins and the links will take you to the right blog.
I also decided to make a few ruffle pants for my girls.
These pants were really just "practice"...
but they turned out so well that my daughter is actually wearing them to school today. 
Hurray for kiddos wanting to wear the things I make for them!
I wonder how long that will last. **wink.**

They go so well with her Matilda Jane outfits.
Love Matilda Jane...but I can't afford it all of the time.
I am looking forward to making the girls "jean" ruffle pants next week.
I think I will make them a little more slimming...these ballooned a little too much at the bottom.

And then I have made MORE pillows.
This one is so trees.
She sits in my craft room...this one I could also make if anyone is interested.
Cost of this pillow case...$15.
(does not include that pillow form.)

So...that is what I have been sewing with my new favorite thing. 

Grandma, you are loved and I am SO thankful for your gift.
I will use it often and promise to take good care of her.
I will think of YOU every time I sit down in front of her.
I will be filled with joy...because of YOU.
Love you Grandma.

P.S.  Nothing brightens my day more than a little if you want to make me smile...why not tell me which project you like the best?  Thanks friends!


Emily said...

love your new blog. I've been checking in to see what new, now I know why you haven't been blogging, you've been sewing. So cute, esp. love your skirt and the ruffle pants. I would love to see a pic. of your craftroom.

Patti said...

cute stuff Amy - you've been having a lot of fun!

Gin said...

Ah Amy, I love best the tribute to your Grandma; aka Mom to me! Wish I had some of your creativity!!! Aunt Gin

SamS. said...

SOOOO fun and cute! that skirt is AWESOME! it looks perfect.

Lindsey Muller said...

love love love the new projects! You are just so cute- always! The skirt is ADORABLE! :) and made outta t-shirts?!? wowza! amazing!

Vanessa Dawne said...

Love your ruffled projects, Amy.

And, so cool, I started sewing on my mom's old Singer -- you know the kind with the big foot pedal & you had to hand crank the wheel to get it sewing -- & then my grandmother gave me her 'fancy' machine that had a normal foot pedal & even fancy embroidery stitches. I made my best projects on that machine for many years -- thanks to her love.

I hope you also enjoy many wonderful years thanks to your grandma.

veggiegal said...

You are SO talented! Love the ruffles and I would love to buy a tree pillowcase from you! rush...let me know how to get the payment etc. to you...whenever is best for you..:) Deb Kloosterman