Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Party at the Dyksterhouse Diner

We have been blessed with such great neighbors...and so many great kiddos in the neighborhood.
Honestly, we love having them over.  So we decided to open the Dyksterhouse Diner for Valentine's Day!

The house was all decorated.
The Valentine's Day questions were all ready for the adults to take with them on their date night.

We had a blast with the Mustache and Lips!
These are the Howell kiddos!
Love them. 
Zoe and Kalie are great friends!
They spend hours together doing homework, playing and just talking. 

These are the Stauffers.
Ava and Gisele are the same age as Kalie and Adison...they have become fast friends as well.
Anji and I love to do crafts together...and just sit and relax.
She is the leader of the Bible Study I go to on Thursday mornings.
Love this family too! 

Jen and Wyatt are our newest friends.
Wyatt and Ethan are in the same Boy Scouts together and actually live right around the corner!
Ethan and Wyatt love to play Legos together and just do boy things!
Jen is so great.
She was super supportive when Matt decided to cook a Canadian Goose...GROSS!

The cutest!

Here we all are getting the directions on how the kiddos were going to earn money to buy their dinner.
They received dollars for: coming, being respectful, sharing, participating in the games, and for being cute.
Our first game was search for the quarters.
They were hidden all over the house.
(They needed quarters for their meal too.)
The second game was charades...Valentine's Day style!

Searching for quarters in Matt's office.

Matt is amazing.  Really...he is.
He was so excited to hang out with the kiddos and help with all of the fun!
I love him.

We made the Dyksterhouse Diner Valentine's Day menu.
There were so many choices...all kid friendly of course: hamburgers, hot dogs, mac n cheese, chicken tenders, chips, applesauce, oranges, grapes, cheese sticks, carrots, and of course they all had to think about the cost.

Ava was being a great big sister helping Gisele figure out what to order.

These guys are our neighbors next door: Ethan and Austin...we call this Ethan, BOB.  It's just easier.

After dinner we made Valentine's Day cards for our loved ones. The boys did a great job! have a talent!  Beautiful job.
Even Matt joined was his first time ever stamping!
He was so excited...really...he was!
And look at his card...pretty amazing. 
The girls were all upstairs primping: hair, nails, a change of clothes...

We made YUMMY bars...Valentine style.

Then the girls got their stamping and card making on!
I realized how much I miss having friends over to scrapbook.
I have to do that soon.

Zoe...she is so cute.

Here is the party!!
We had so much fun!

And of course...every party needs to have a crazy picture.

And...this is what happens when you talk smack to Matt.
He just takes you DOWN.

We ended the night with a classic Valentine movie: Lady and the Tramp.
I love Valentine's Day.
I know I am blessed with love.


Jennifer said...

so much fun and love! glad to hear you have such fun neighbors for you, matt and the kiddos! love you!

Stephanie said...

You are one talented and fun lady! I love your ideas and seeing the Lord at work in your family. Found your blog via August Fields.

Emily said...

I love the three milk jugs in the first pic. I have the same ones. I too put paper and button flowers in them.