Thursday, March 15, 2012

A few Recent PROJECTS...Book Lamp and Matt's Chair!

A few weeks ago we made this book lamp!
Yup, we made it!
HGTV did a little tutorial on it here:
I loved it...and so we went on a hunt for old books.

Our Westerville Library has a section that hardcover books are $1...
so we picked up 10 and just started playing with them, stacking them, and then rearranging them all over again.

My brother in law gave us a few of these old wire baskets that his dad collected eggs in.
We cleaned it, but decided to leave the old paint look.
What do you think of our light?

My parents came this past weekend!
I love my parents...
They love to keep busy, so we decided to work on our kitchen.
My dad built an INCREDIBLE window bench for the nook.
My mom, dad and I sewed a cover for the long cushion.
and Matt...well, he was feeling left out so he decided to start working on the 11 year chair project.

He sanded, restrung, and de-horse haired/strawed the old cushions.
He sanded some more.
We found this king rocking chair by the side of the road and Matt fell in love.
But, he didn't know how to restring, recushion and felt a little overwhelmed.
BUT, DAD to the rescue!!

Dad recushioned...while Matt continued to sand.
It turned out fantastic.
Matt calls it his C.S. Lewis chair.
(The kids have to ask permission to sit in least for the first day.)

Doesnt' the lamp and new chair look like they belong together?
Pefect vintage harmony?


sara@augustfields said...

LOVE. LOVE. seriously....that chair turned out awesome! and i really really like the lamp. good job :)

Patti said...

I've seen this lamp on Pinterest - actually have it pinned on one of my boards!
So glad to see somebody made one!
Great job!

Emily said...

you are amazing.

Double sided Tape said...

Wow ..Thanks for sharing all those pictures Tim & Barb! Great interview!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that lamp is so fun! and i love the shape of that chair!

cynthia visser said...

WOW, This is amazing!! :)